BIOCARE Advanced Keratin Refill Masque 8.0 Oz (236ml)

BIOCARE Advanced Keratin Refill Masque 8.0 Oz (236ml)

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Refill your hair with this intensely rich and luxurious masque. Biocare Advanced keratin Refill, reconstructs protein and keratin bonds in your hair, restoring its elasticity. Restore healthy shine, softness, and luster while delivering healing moisturizers and a compatible keratin boost. Treat split ends and tame frizz while giving your hair a healthy radiance and frizz control. Packed with functional keratin amino acids, silk proteins and coconut oil, Biocare Advanced Keratin Refill repairs the structure of your hair and rejuvenates the scalp. Your hair is left soft, radiant and recharged with keratin. Its long-lasting frizz control formula soaks deep into the hair to smooth each strand individually.


** After shampooing, apply generously to damp hair from root to ends. Leave Biocare Masque for 7-10 minutes allowing the deep hydration and keratin to penetrate follicles and scalp. Once complete rinse hair thoroughly with cold water preferably. Your hair will experience instant shine and luster. Use once or twice a week for optimal results.



For use on any type of hair

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