The structure of human hair is mostly composed of keratin and there are many reasons why the structure of our hair is damaged in daily life. Coloring, perming, bleaching, chemical straightening or relaxing of your hair reduces the amount of keratin, which causes your hair to become thin and brittle, and lose its natural shine.

There are four main reasons to use a keratin treatment:

1.   If your hair is damaged by a chemical straightener, relaxer, perm, bleach or color treatment.

2.   If your hair is frizzy, the keratin treatment will be a remedy in all cases even when the hair is wet.

3.   If your hair is difficult to handle. A keratin treatment makes styling your hair with a flat iron or dryer incredibly easy.

4.   If you have used a permanent straightener and the roots have become curly again, a keratin treatment will ensure that the roots can be styled without a straightener. This way, you will get your original hair back.

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