Healthier and Straighter hair!

The Sunliss Keratin Treatment creates hair that is healthier, straighter and easier to handle. As a non-permanent keratin treatment, Sunliss keratin treatments were developed for all different kinds of treated and untreated hair. The keratin treatment has a cumulative effect; meaning, the more often you treat your hair at 3 month intervals, the healthier, straighter and shinier it gets!

The Sunliss keratin treatment restores your hair while the internal structure of your hair is not broken down, which occurs with other Japanese and chemical straightening methods.

The Sunliss Keratin Treatment is more than just a keratin method; it is a progressive hair-care treatment with immediate and amazing results.


Damaged hair recovered

The active ingredients in the Sunliss products are designed to make your hair frizz-free without damaging it. After a professional application of Sunliss products, your hair regains its nutrients to be soft and healthy again! Damaged hair due to chemical processes, sun, chlorine, dyes, perms and chemical straighteners disappears with Sunliss keratin products.


Sunliss Keratin Treatments are formaldehyde-free

In the North American magazine “Allure”, an article was released on how many professional hair treatments being used in salons across the country contained high levels of formaldehyde. After countless tests, these treatments were said to cause “lasting hair damage”.

It was the desire of the Sunliss researchers to develop a hair treatment without using formaldehyde (or ingredients including formaldehyde).

The Sunliss keratin treatment line is a pioneer in the industry and is recognized for its research on formaldehyde-free products. Today Sunliss produces one of the most secure and advanced keratin treatments, certified by ANVISA.


Important steps for safe use

Obtain all necessary information regarding the use of the treatment in combination with your hair type.
• Always use formaldehyde-free products.
• Buy a treatment only through authorized distributors or dealers.

The difference between current treatments on the market:


Sunliss Keratin Treatment

A Sunliss Keratin Treatment is a non-permanent keratin treatment made with pure ingredients which do not change the structure of the hair. The active ingredients of SUNLISS products result in care, repair and improved hair growth while they temporarily straighten hair (about 3 months).

After several months the active ingredients of Sunliss products gradually disappear from the hair. This will ensure you will not have uneven roots.


Japanese Straightening

A Japanese straightener changes the hair structure and gives a straight permanent result. One of the disadvantages of this is that the roots will be curled, and that a new treatment will be needed after a few weeks. An original Japanese straightener (not Chinese counterfeit) also contains Keratin and will also restore the hair in many cases. But be careful! There are now quite a number of imitation products (often from China) that claim to be a Japanese Straightener but which in fact are nothing but cheap and often harmful chemical straighteners.


Chemical straightener

A chemical straightener breaks the sulfur bonds in the hair and thus makes the hair straight. Chemical straighteners / relaxers are not good for the quality of your hair.


Juvexin or similar products

Juvexin is the active ingredient in a number of keratin products. These non permanent de-frizz treatments based on keratin do not change the structure of the hair. They care and nourish the hair inside out. However, treatments based on Juvexin are not straightening treatments or relaxers.


Overview of different types of keratin treatments

Product StraighteningHair repairNourishingDuration
SunlissYesYesYesNon-permanent, last 3 months
Juvexin permanent basisNoYesYesPermanent, last 3 months
Japenese straightenerYesNoSometimesPermanent – grows out*
Smoothing productsNoYesYesNon-permanent max 2 months
Chemical straightenersYesNoNoPermanent – grows out*

* With Japanese straighteners and chemical straighteners you suffer from outgrown roots (same as when you color your hair)

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