The word therapy means to solve a problem by means of a treatment. This is exactly what Keratin Therapy does; gives a solution to your hair problems. Whether it is unhealthy or damaged hair by treatments, or naturally frizzy hair, these are problems that Sunliss Keratin Therapy is designed to solve.

Sunliss Keratin Therapy resolves the following problems:


Anti frizz

Sunliss Keratin Therapy ensures that your hair becomes calmer and therefore the frizz completely disappears.


Smoother hair

Sunliss Keratin Therapy makes the hair smoother after every treatment. For a specific part of the hair with more curls, it is possible to achieve calmer hair with Sunliss Keratin Therapy.


Damaged hair

Sunliss Keratin Treatment has an ultra keratin therapy that is specifically designed for damaged hair. The damaged hair is replenished with its own keratin substance to restore the hair.


Permanent Straighteners

Sunliss Keratin Therapy can be used for curly / frizzy roots after a permanent straightener, like the Japanese Keratin, to get a smoother appearance again.



A Sunliss Keratin treatment will smooth, de frizz, nourish and let the hair shine again while you still have the choice to keep the volume in your hair. This way you can always create the desired result.