Can SUNLISS be used on any types of damaged hair?

Yes, SUNLISS products restore and care for the hair. You can use the products on any kind of treated and untreated hair.


Is the best use of SUNLISS before or after a color treatment?

You can dye your hair before or after the SUNLISS Keratin treatment. However, if you want more satisfaction from the Keratin Treatment it is recommended to dye your hair 2 weeks before treating.


How long does a SUNLISS Keratin Treatment take?

The treatment length is according to the degree of curl. It can take up to 2 to 3 hours. After this you have the choice to rinse (after 1 hour) or leave it in up to 48 hours. This only affects the degree of shine and softness of the hair. The nutrients need to be left in longer to experience more shine.


Can I use the SUNLISS treatment after a Japanese Straightening?

Yes, you can use the SUNLISS products after a Japanese Straightening treatment. Many people even choose, when they no longer want permanent straightener in their hair, to use a SUNLISS treatment so that there is no difference between straightened and non-straightened sections of hair. By repeating this several times, over time your roots get their original structure back and the hair will be straighter and easier to handle without the permanent structure-breaking effect.


Can I swim with SUNLISS treated hair?

Do not swim within the first 48 hours of treatment. The active ingredients in SUNLISS products need to adhere and absorb to your hair. After these 48 hours, it is recommended to use the SUNLISS Moisturizing Conditioner before swimming and thoroughly wash your hair after.