A SUNLISS keratin consists of three steps.


Step 1: Wash hair

(Sunliss Deep Cleansing Shampoo)


Step 2: Apply the keratin treatment

(Sunliss Keratin treatment: Chocolate, Light or Ultra)


Step 3: Massage in conditioner to finish off the treatment

(Sunliss Moisturizing Conditioner)


Please note: The Keratin Kit includes all the above mention products except the Salt Free Shampoo.
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Please note:
*Shake keratin treatment bottle before use.
*Apply the treatment in an open space, with ventilation. Also, protect your hands with latex gloves.


STEP 1 (SUNLISS Cleaning Shampoo: opens hair follicles and removes dirt from your hair)

Wash your hair with water and massage thoroughly with the SUNLISS Shampoo. Repeat this process so hair is washed twice with the shampoo. DO NOT USE CONDITIONER YET.
– Dry hair with hair dryer to 80 percent dry. Towel dry and then comb out your hair.


STEP 2 (SUNLISS Keratin Treatment: active keratin treatment)

Pour enough SUNLISS keratin into a plastic or glass container. Divide your hair into 4 sections and apply product with a brush onto your hair.
– Start at the back of the head and apply the product ½ inch from the scalp. Do not let the product soak into the hair. The hair should only be slightly damp. Spread the product evenly over every strand of your hair with a fine tooth comb. Try to spread the product out throughout your hair as much as possible.
When all hair is treated, comb your hair for 5 minutes and then leave in for 15 minutes.
After this, dry the hair with a hair dryer and a fine tooth comb. Do not use a hair dryer with a comb attachment or a round brush, you will lose too much product.
Next, divide your hair back into sections. Using a flat iron (hair straightener), pass through each section 5-7 times, starting as close to the scalp as possible. Make sure to go the entire length of your hair.
– Set the flat iron (hair straightener) to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (210 degrees Celsius).
– This is a very important step in the treatment, make sure this is done properly and that all sections are treated.
– It is also important to use a suitable flat iron. Preferably use a straightener that uses negative ions – the SUNLISS straightener is specially developed for this.
Leave the product in for at least 1 hour or, for better absorption of nutrients, up to 48 hours.


STEP 3 (SUNLISS Moisturizing Conditioner: brings back PH value, finishes off active use of the treatment)

Rinse hair with water and treat it with SUNLISS Neutralizing Conditioner. Massage into the hair and leave the conditioner in for 5 minutes. After thoroughly rinsing… style as desired.
Keep product in a cool, dry place and away from heat and sunlight. Apply the product in an open, ventilated area. For external use only. Do not breathe in. Keep out of reach of children.
Do not apply to expecting mothers or nursing mothers or children under 14 years old.
If the product comes in contact with eyes, rinse thoroughly with running water. In case of allergic reactions, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.
Do not use if allergic to ethyl alcohol or its derivatives.