The Brazilian keratin treatment of Sunliss is the solution to achieve straighter, shinier hair. The “Brazilian keratin treatment” is a revolutionary method of hair treatment, composed of molecules of pure keratin, that repairs and smoothes any type of hair. The Brazilian keratin treatment is suitable for the treatment of all types of hair, chemically treated hair as well as bleached hair, hi lights, colored hair, permed hair and relaxed hair. The Brazilian Keratin Treatment is especially designed as a solution for the following hair types: kinky, fluff, unmanageable, damaged or unhealthy, dull hair. The Brazilian keratin treatment does not use aggressive chemicals to break the sulfur compounds in the hair shaft which are used to make the hair smooth.


A Brazilian keratin treatment from Sunliss fills the keratin in the hair, nourishes hair from the root and puts a protective layer around the hair shaft. It does not break the sulfur compounds in the hair shaft as the Japanese straighteners or relaxers do this. The Brazilian keratin treatment ensures that the damaged “keratin” parts in the hair, the natural substance from which your hair is made up of almost 88%, is supplemented.


The Brazilian keratin treatment is not a permanent straightening treatment. It naturally fades out of your hair. The wave or curl will gradually come back within 3 to 4 months. However, your hair will stay soft, shiny and healthy. The more you repeat the treatment, the better the condition of the hair and the smoother your curls will be. The treatment also makes the hair very manageable. You’ll spend less time after washing, blow drying or using a flat iron.


The Brazilian keratin treatment Sunliss was tested in three continents, Europe, Asia, and USA, and is approved for all hair types, treated and untreated! The hair is protected from heat, cold and humidity. The end result will be astonishing!