Sunliss Argan Oil – the best tool to keep your hair shining!

One of best tips we can give you to maintain your hair looking as nice as the first week you applied your keratin treatment, is to have always with you this little bottle of miracle in your purse. Sunliss Argan oil is the a great product designed to help you keep your keratin balance high and your hair looking frizz-free. Give it a try, use it freely a couple of days a week to really see the results!

Celebrities Love Keratin


It is clear to all of us regular mortals that many celebrities are fans of keratin treatments. If you’re famous, you always have to look perfect, unless you want to see yourself with the worst “bad-hairday” ever, featured on all the tabloids! A great hair is real must for any celebrity. Treat yourself like a celebrity with Sunliss Keratin treatments

TONY & GUY Now Offers Sunliss Keratin Treatments


Toni & Guy, is considered one of the best and most influential Salons in the hair industry in Europe. They are a trend setter powerhouse with enormous influence in the fashion world. Their world renowned hairdressers never compromise quality. This is why they are now offering their clientele only the best, Sunliss keratin products!

Toni & Guy began fifty years ago as a small  all family saloon and has become an established global company with more than four hundred thirty salons in forty-five countries.


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“Toni & Guy has more than four hundred thirty Salons in 45 countries”


The hair salon Toni & Guy was founded by two brothers: Guiseppe (Toni) Masolo and Gaetono (Guy) Mascolo. As true artists, the Mascolo family knew that personalizing each haircut to suit the individual kept the signature style unique to the client and allowed the hairdresser to master a method.

The saloon chain established by Guiseppe and Gaetono Mascolo only works with leading brands and high quality products to offer their customers a real satisfying experience. One of these quality brands Sunliss and their line of keratin products.


Are you a regular customer at Toni & Guy, ask their stylists about the benefits of keratin treatments by Sunliss!

Have you taken advantage of our Flat Iron Offer?

STR8 Iron – Tourmaline Ionic Styler — FOR FREE!


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Remember to simply choose 2 large keratins and you will automatically be eligible for the Sunliss Str8 Iron.

This is a great product that works all over the world, since it adapts automatically to 220V or 110V.

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We are currently offering a great deal in our website when you buy our 500ml (17 Oz) keratins! Simply buy 2 or more large keratin treatments and we will give you our Sunliss STR8 tourmaline flat Iron for free! Yup that’s right! completely free!. If you like our Choco, Light or Ultra keratins, or simply want to order 2 of the same kind, you will be eligible to get this great deal! (until supplies last). Share it with your friends! visit us at


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Post-Vacation Tips for Your Hair.

The famous and much dreaded split ends, frizz, dehydration, dullness, uncontrollable volume, are the inevitable result of a memorable vacation. But they are also a harsh reality! Now is the time to act to improve the appearance of our hair. We shouldn’t wait any longer.


As you can “clearly” see, our hair also suffers post-vacation depression… Those long hours of sun exposure, the contact with sea water, sand, pool chlorine, wind and humidity really takes a toll on the appearance of our hair. These elements do nothing but deteriorate and strip our hair from its natural nutrients and keratin
Since we became aware of our hair, and the nurturing it needs, we started learning about our enemies. The unfiltered rays from the sun, sea salt that dries in our hair after a nice beach day, sand and chlorine to mention some, are these nemeses

The sun’s rays penetrate the cuticles, damaging the top layers of the scalp. Our hair follicles weaken, leading to an imminent dry hair. Sea salt and other minerals found in seawater are also harmful as they act like salt magnifying crystals that attract the sun and intensify its harmful rays in a Nano scale. Not being enough, the sand, contains marine minerals that generate a progressive oxidation and dehydration of the hair almost from the root. And as we know, chlorine is the great foe of bleached hair because it will alter the coloration, and also acts negatively in our hair.

These common problems that are inevitable after our vacation, how do we stop these split ends, frizz, dehydration and lack of brightness and color? Who can help us?
For this reason, SUNLISS invites you to nurture your hair with a keratin treatment. Find the Best treatment compatible with your hair type and substantially improve appearance of your precious hair.
Visit our website in the “Product Finder” section to find the perfect treatment for your hair type. Find more information by clicking here:
Watch your hair replenish and get ready for a wonderful fall with a shiny, silky de-frizzed hair worthy of a diva!

Looking good with Keratin

Let’s face it; we all want to have good looking hair, but sometimes, we just need a little helping hand that can help us Acheive this! For all of you out there with dry, damaged , we have the solution for you. A keratin based solution that change your way of life.

Sunliss Keratin Treatments, is a revolutionary treatment that will change the way you care for your hair forever.
Originally developed in Brazil, this innovative treatment transforms the hair with natural Keratin (the chemical that makes up 88% of our hair). The Keratin penetrates the hair to repair the internal damage and coats the hair preventing further damage. from the sun, and other harsh elements in the environment.  The results are beautiful smooth, silky, straight hair, that gets better with every use.

Sunliss Keratin treatments, are not typical hair straightening solutions. They are progressive, the more you use them, the better your hair looks. It is suitable for all hair types, even damaged or previously relaxed hair.

Caring for your hair becomes effortless. Style your hair with minimal amounts of blow drying/straightening for months afterwards.

Depending on your hair type and how often you need to wash it, results last between two and four months. After several treatments, you’ll also see a huge improvement in the quality of your hair re-growth.

But don’t just take my word for it, use Sunliss keratins and  you’ll be blown away!