TONY & GUY Now Offers Sunliss Keratin Treatments


Toni & Guy, is considered one of the best and most influential Salons in the hair industry in Europe. They are a trend setter powerhouse with enormous influence in the fashion world. Their world renowned hairdressers never compromise quality. This is why they are now offering their clientele only the best, Sunliss keratin products!

Toni & Guy began fifty years ago as a small  all family saloon and has become an established global company with more than four hundred thirty salons in forty-five countries.


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“Toni & Guy has more than four hundred thirty Salons in 45 countries”


The hair salon Toni & Guy was founded by two brothers: Guiseppe (Toni) Masolo and Gaetono (Guy) Mascolo. As true artists, the Mascolo family knew that personalizing each haircut to suit the individual kept the signature style unique to the client and allowed the hairdresser to master a method.

The saloon chain established by Guiseppe and Gaetono Mascolo only works with leading brands and high quality products to offer their customers a real satisfying experience. One of these quality brands Sunliss and their line of keratin products.


Are you a regular customer at Toni & Guy, ask their stylists about the benefits of keratin treatments by Sunliss!

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