Keratin treatment for healthier and straighter hair!

The Sunliss Keratin Treatment creates hair that is healthier, straighter and easier to handle. As a non-permanent keratin treatment, Sunliss keratin treatments were developed for all different kinds of treated and untreated hair.

Sunliss Keratin Treatment

Sunliss Keratin treatments are a non-permanent, Brazilian keratin treatments using only pure ingrediënts that will not change the structure of your hair. The active ingrediënts of the Sunliss keratin treatment’s care, repair and improve hair growth while ensuring temporary straighter hair (about 3 months).

Sunliss products are safe

All Sunliss keratin products are formaldehyde free and comply with the highest cosmetic standards in both Europe and the USA.
The Sunliss keratin treatment restores your hair while the internal structure of your hair is not broken down, which occurs with other Japanese and chemical straightening methods.
The Sunliss Keratin Treatment is a progressive hair-care treatment with immediate and amazing results.

Sunliss Keratin Products

Keratin Treatment

Sunliss Aftercare Products

Keratin Treatment

New generation Keratin products

our clients say about us
  • Testimonials Item 1
    “Thank you sunliss for allowing me to get ready for work in such a short time! Before the treatment, I spent a lot time fighting with my hair… after sunliss keratin, it has become my ally.”
    Ivonne T
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    “My hair has never been more shiny and healthy.”
    Laura Smith
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    “After using many hair treatments and gaining knowledge on high end treatments, I fully recommend sunliss.”
    Vanessa Artman
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    “I Always take keratin treatment to my stylist. Im CONVINCED, Sunliss treatment is the best!”
    Ilona Galvin
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    “As a hair dresser, I can say that Sunliss offers me a level of quality that I can guarantee to my customers.”
    Doug Stratton

How to use Sunliss

A Sunliss Keratin Treatment uses three simple steps to create healthy, shiny and smooth hair for over three months.

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